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Leaf Overview

Leaf Communication is a Standalone app that allows encrypted text chat between users. It can be used to chat with users within the Tech Companion Remote Support module.

What is Leaf?

Expressly developed to support the new communication needs for Industry 4.0, Leaf advances employee engagement by transforming how employees communicate in real-time.

Leaf solves today’s most pressing employee communication problems by:

  • Addressing collaboration challenges for employees working remotely;
  • Removing clutter and making employee communication more real, clear, simple, and frequent;
  • Propelling the organization’s collaboration capabilities and capacity across the entire enterprise by making productive teamwork easy to achieve; and
  • Protecting all employee communication that takes place within the platform, on any device, from competitors’ eyes through end-to-end encryption.

Developed by Modest Tree, Leaf is helping organizations around the globe digitally transform their employee communication practices for the new era.

What Does Leaf Do?

Leaf enables employees to improve how they communicate and collaborate in real time for real-time results.

Completely secured by end-to-end encryption, Leaf lets you chat with individual team members, engage with small or large teams, and support more effective corporate communication with all staff.

Leaf’s meeting rooms will change the way you brainstorm, innovate, and manage issues and projects.

Leaf also makes communication more efficient (and fun) by offering you access to standard and/or customized emojis for quick feedback on any type of message.

When you use Leaf to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate, you can also enhance your efforts by easily integrating hyperlinks to key documents, attachments, and uploads of videos. Leaf also provides you with real-time opportunities to quickly move the conversation onto a secure team video call, as desired.

Why Use an Encrypted Communication Platform?

While there are several digital collaboration tools in the marketplace, few offer the high level of encryption provided by Leaf.

Leaf’s encryption key ensures that only verified users are able to decrypt your conversations. Using an encrypted communication platform prevents any unauthorized people from accessing your information.

With Leaf, even your servers won’t know what you are saying.

Leaf Security Features

Secure Server Infrastructure

Leaf enables secure, decentralized, real-time communication over IP.

Self Hosted Services

Organizations can host their own servers, providing complete control over all of your data, and enabling server customization.


With no single point of control or failure, users connect to a single server (the home server), and each message is synchronized to all participating servers. If one server goes offline, the communication remains uninterrupted.

Federated Server Network

Federated servers allow users to communicate securely between multiple servers as required.

End-To-End Encryption

Leaf’s end-to-end encryption is based on the Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets to ensure that all data remains solely under the organization’s control at any given time.

Customer Support and Service

Leaf users rarely experience any Customer Service challenges. Our team ensures our solution is easy to use and fully secured well before the user experience. However, should any issues arrive, Leaf staff are always available to quickly respond to your concerns within a dedicated hub, managed by your IT team in partnership with Leaf’s developers.

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