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How to Set up Your 1st Password

To set up your first password, you will start by opening the Leaf app.

Important Note: Username field is case sensitive, please make sure to input your username in lowercase, otherwise you will not be able to login to Leaf.

As noted earlier, with Leaf, you will need to set up a recovery password after you set up your first password. We call this your Recovery Passphrase. This additional step will ensure you have a password that you can use to log into Leaf should you forget your first password. Without it, you will not be able to access any of your past encrypted conversations.

To set up this password, enter your recovery passphrase in the block that says “Enter a recovery passphrase” on the screen provided. Ensure the button beside the text block is green and press the continue block. Re-enter your recovery passphrase in the “Confirm your recovery passphrase” text block and press the continue button.

From time to time, some Leaf users have misplaced their recovery passphrase. To assist our clients in these rare cases, we have developed the recovery key service. You can use this key if you ever forget your recovery passphrase. When you see this key, copy and paste it to a secure location on your device, or download the key and store it in a secure location.

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