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Distributing Lesson by Invitation Only

Some lessons you may want to share to a specified list of users only. This way only users with the proper credentials can view the lesson, it is a more secure way of sharing your content with users.

First you must give users access to the project

  1. Open Modest Tree Portal
  2. Go to project detail page
  3. Open the "Collaborate" Section in the Action Tab
  4. Search for individual users or user groups to distribute the project to
  5. Select the Read-Only permission
  6. Click Add

Users added in this way cannot edit the project just view it. They will now be able to login to Modest Tree Xplorer and see the project in their project list.

Sending a Multiplayer Invite

If you want to send a multiplayer invite to specified users so that they can all join in the same lesson together:

  1. Open Modest Tree Xplorer Player
  2. Click on the project and download it
  3. Click on the lesson
  4. Choose Multiplayer
  5. Choose the users from the list (the users in the list come from the collaboration list you added in portal)
  6. Click Launch

All selected users will receive a multiplayer invitation they can then join in app or via shared link in their email.