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Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of advanced shortcuts to help increase the speed and efficiency of your work flow.


Keyboard Shortcut Description
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + D Duplicate selected state or hitspot/label
CTRL + R Reset current state
CTRL + O Open Lesson
CTRL + N New Lesson
F5 Preview Lesson

3D Gizmo

Keyboard Shortcut Description
F Focus to position
R Change Gizmo to Rotate
T Change Gizmo to Position
L Toggle between local and global

Window Layout

Keyboard Shortcut Description
SHIFT + SPACE Toggle full screen of currently activated tab
ESC Restore current tab
Hold SHIFT when launching Xplorer through executable This will bring up the configuration window where setting such as screen resolution, graphics quality and scale can be adjusted

With an object selected

Keyboard Shortcut Description
F Focus on selected scene objects
SHIFT + I Hide all but selected objects
Z Clear effects on selected objects
X Toggle x ray for selected scene objects
H Toggle highlight for selected scene objects
C Toggle solid color for selected scene objects
V Toggle visibility for selected scene objects

These shortcuts will work on all objects if no objects are selected


Keyboard Shortcut Description
Shift Select all elements between first and second click while holding shift
Ctrl Select multiple individual elements holding ctrl
Alt Click on parent element while holding Alt to select all its children