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Object Interactions

Object interactions are similar to Hit Points, but the interaction point is the model part itself.

You can display images, videos, or facts, play audio, change states, or add physics when interacting with a model part.

Example: Adding a state change object interaction

  1. Click on the model part you want the user to interact with
  2. Go to the Properties Tab to the Actions section
  3. Select Change State from the type dropdown
  4. Drag a state from the lessons tab into the state property

Now when the model part is clicked in play mode, the lesson will switch to the state that is linked to the model part.

The display video, image, and audio actions will work in the same manner. Choose the action you want and drag the proper asset into the asset property.


Use the Inspect action when you want users to be able to pick the object up. By default there will be no physics. This means when the user drops the object it will snap back to its original position. When you toggle the physics property on the object can be dropped to the ground or thrown with physics.

Play Animation

Use the Play Animation action to play an embedded animation when a model part is interacted with. For example, if you add this action to a door handle the door could animate open when the handle is clicked. Just type the name of the animation in the Animation property.

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