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Joining a Multiplayer Invite

You can be invited to a multplayer room by an anonymous shared link or by explicit invitation. How you join depends on what kind of invitation it is.

Shared links are anonymous access to the lesson so there is no need for credentials.

  1. Click the shared link


a.) If you have the app: it will launch you straight into the app

b.) If you don't have the app: it will take you to the app store where you can download the app to continue


a.) If you have the app: Allow the browser to launch the xplorer player program and it will auto launch the xplorer player desktop app.

b.) If you don't have the app: click on the windows download badge to install the program.

c.) Click launch in web to launch the WebGL version

  1. Choose a nickname that will identify your avatar to other users in the lesson
  2. Customize your avatar
  3. Lesson will downlod
  4. Lesson will launch

Joining a Multiplayer Email Invite

If your account was invited to a multipalyer room you will recieve an in-app notifiction as well as an email.

  1. Click the link in the email
  2. You will be asked to login
  3. Customize your avatar
  4. Lesson will launch

Joining Multiplayer Room Within Player

  1. Log into the Modest Tree Xplorer app
  2. Click on "Join Room" in the left hand sidebar
  3. Select the invitation
  4. Click "Join Room"
  5. Download the project when prompted
  6. lesson will launch

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