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Tech Companion Changelog



Admin Site

  • Added pagination to task list to reduce visible page loading
  • Fix for TC workcard list not scrolling all the way to the end of the list

TC Player

  • Workcards now support text color and styles
  • Workcards now support highlighted and collapsible regions for notes and warning
  • Workcards now support optional steps
  • Fix for remote support users ending up in different rooms
  • Fix for users sometimes entering different remote support rooms within the same task
  • Fix for XR Lesson not updating automatically when FBX file is updated
  • Fix for some attachments that are reference multiple times showing as duplicated in attachment section



  • Fix for error when using the 'view in XR' button on custom workcards
  • Fix for PDF names showing up as IDs
  • Other minor UI and bug fixes



  • Minor UI and bug fixes

Version 1.2.3


  • Memory improvements
  • Data syncs per task now for quicker login flow
  • Improved AR screen responsivity when resizing camera view
  • Improved AR camera usability for simultaneous use of remote support and xplorer
  • Fixed all instances of poor local cache handling resulting in clear cache popup
  • Improved delay on multiuser form editing

Version 1.2.2


  • Ability to take tasks offline and work with no internet connection
  • Ability to start a remote support call as an overlay on tasks and workcards
  • Ability to view Xplorer alongside workcards with a split screen functionality
  • Support for multiuser form editing
  • Image viewer added to workcard images
  • Ability to capture images from anywhere in a task
  • Data driven smart forms
  • Ability to attach and play xplorer lessons on tasks and workcards
  • Ability to add name and comment to captured images
  • Ability to chat anywhere within a task
  • Ability to navigate through pages from the header bar
  • Combined workcard and task detail views
  • Ability to add comments to tasks and workcards
  • Ability to change Xplorer states from workcard steps
  • Added workcard overview page, to show summary of steps completed.
  • Ability to multiselect files when uploading

Version 1.1.2


  • Added list of current participants to the invite users dialog
  • Fix for error when removing workcards from task a user is looking at
  • Fix for first time login error for new users
  • Users will now see all workcards listed on tasks they are assigned to and recieve a permission error when they don't have sufficient read permissions.
  • Filter xplorer projects to only show ones that are compatible with current platform
  • Fix for launching into TC from leaf widget
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.1


  • Tech Companion Admin Webpage
  • Live Remote Support
  • 3D Annotations
  • 2D Annotations
  • Screen Sharing
  • Voice Communications
  • Task Management
  • Digital Workcards
  • 3D Lesson Integration