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Importing Assets

In order to start a new Xplorer lesson you will need model assets. If you are interested in making Cross-Platform lessons find out more here.

Supported Asset Types

Asset Supported File Formats
3D Model .FBX, .abscene
Video .mp4
Audio .ogg, .mp3, .wav
Image .png, .jpg, .jpeg

Once you have your assets you need to import them into your project. You can do this either from the Portal or Xplorer itself.

Importing Assets Through Portal

  1. Open up the Portal, find your project and click on it.
  1. Drag your desired assets (images, videos, models, etc..) from your file system into the assets section of your project.
  1. Launch the Xplorer, click File -> New.
  1. Select the model you want to create the lesson with and hit Create.

Importing Assets Within Xplorer

  1. Click File > Import. There are four options
    • Files: Import individual files from your file system. You can multiselect individual assets to import at the same time using ctrl or shift.
    • Folders: Import a whole folder of assets from your file system.
    • Asset Package: Import a whole asset package from your file system.
    • Existing Unity Project: Import a unity project.
  1. Navigate to the model asset you want to make a lesson with and select Open.
  1. Choose or create a folder to save the asset to in your project and click Save. You can import your other assets (image, videos, audio) the same way.
  1. Click File > New.
  1. Select the imported model and click Create, a new lesson will be created with this model.

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