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Providing Support

The Remote Support module has multiple tools to help you assist the user. Besides reagular voice and video chat there is also, AR Annotations, Screenshot annotations, screen share, and text chat.

3D Annotations

If a user has a depth camera on their mobile they can recieve 3D annotations from you. This will place a 3D drawing in their space through AR.

  1. Focus on the video of the user with the depth camera.
  2. Select 3D annotation tool from the bottom right corner tool menu.
  3. If the user does not have their depth camera turned on it will ask them to change it. Then you will be in 3D annotation mode.
  4. The users depth camera will scan the environment, once you see the green checkmark you are good to annotate on the scene.
  5. Use the 3D drawing tools and icons to annotate in their environment. The drawing will be transmitted live to the other user.

2D Annotations

During a remote support call you can annotate on screenshots of each others screens.

  1. Focus on the user's video you want to take a picture of.
  2. Click the 2D Screenshot tool from the bottom right tools menu.
  3. Use annotation tools to annotate on image and press Send
  4. The image will appear in the chat window and popup for the user you took a screenshot of.
  5. That user can then add more annotations on that copy any send it back.

Screen Share

On PC you can share your computer screen with other users.

  1. Press the screenshare button to the right of the the red hangup button.
  2. Choose a screen to share.
  3. Click Share.

All users will see your shared screen when they focus on you until you stop sharing by clicking the Screen Share button again.

Text Chat

You can talk to users through text chat as well as send videos, images, and files. The Chat and file windows are located in the bottom left hand corner tools menu.